Some M&A Insights for 2018 …

by Jim Wagner

As leading transactional attorneys “lick their chops” over the prospect of a thriving M&A market, one question that looms is how will all of these deals get done? No, not – “how on earth will they get these deals done?” – we know that there is more than enough attorney capacity to close all of the deals that will get done in 2018; the question, rather, is how the deals will get done.

At Apogee, we know the answer to this question when it comes to our enterprise clients. Using M&A Insight™, our proprietary AI-based contract analytics solution, our clients will not only quickly get answers to their basic M&A questions (i.e., is change of control addressed, are the contracts subject to any restrictive covenants, etc.), but they will be gaining an unprecedented level of insight into their contract portfolios – insights into risks, to compliance obligations, and even to pricing and payment parameters. Here are just a few of the topics that our clients will incorporate into their diligence process.

We’ve built M&A Insight on Seal Software, the market leader in enterprise contract analytics. Seal created the market for using AI to analyze corporate contracts, and by combining the Seal platform with Apogee’s unique insights into the world of M&A and legal risk and compliance, the M&A Insight solution is the perfect answer to “how” when it comes to enterprise due diligence.

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