Ready or Not here comes GDPR—Using AI to Address the Impending GDPR Deadline

by Lynn Sumlin

Over the next several months, every corporation that processes data in the offering of goods or services to individuals in the EU will face the daunting task of evaluating large and diverse populations of contracts to ensure compliance with the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies large and small spanning a wide variety of industries will have to identify, memorialize, negotiate and remediate tens of thousands of customer contracts and third-party vendor contracts that have data processing implications to ensure GDPR compliance by the May 2018 enforcement date or face heavy fines. 

Faced with this challenge, many companies will deploy armies of contract reviewers to read through each contract, identify content of interest, and manually memorialize compliance with the GDPR’s requirements. This process and workflow will in many cases prove to be overwhelming, not to mention inefficient, inaccurate, time consuming and expensive. What if there was a better way? Well, we’re glad you asked.

The recently released GDPR Insight™ analytics pack leverages Apogee Legal’s deep understanding of business, compliance and regulatory needs to provide a comprehensive solution for GDPR agreement compliance. Leveraging Seal Software’s artificial intelligence engine, GDPR Insight’s detailed analytic provides visibility into more than 100 data points across 25 GDPR related topics. Further, GDPR Insight extracts GDPR-centric terms and presents them in a user-friendly, easy-to-consume format to allow businesses to understand their position with respect to this data protection regulation and effectively remediate agreements that fall short of full compliance. Most importantly, the results are statistically validated and can be deployed quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of typical manual review.

You may be skeptical. As a 20+ year corporate lawyer, I was. After seeing it in action, I am a believer. I think you will be as well, but don’t take my word for it. Instead, please join us for one of our upcoming webinars to provide a more in depth look at GDPR Insight and its capabilities to assist your business in accelerating the analysis required under GDPR.

Can’t attend one of our webinars? No problem. Just reach out to us at: to learn how GDPR Insight can change your perspective on GDPR analysis.

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