QFC Contract Analysis for Large Financial Services Organization

A large financial services organization faced significant challenges identifying and then analyzing a wide range of qualified financial contracts, including ISDA, Repo and SLA agreements.

The client’s legacy solution was based on offshore manual review, which was costly (with a seven figure monthly spend), time consuming (with the analysis of any individual QFC agreement taking several hours) and inconsistent (given the large number of reviewers required and inconsistency in the analysis of the guidelines). The client deployed a combined solution of Apogee custom template analytics (to identify and classify the agreements by document type) and Apogee’s QFC Insight™ analytic pack to analyze each agreement for over 75 common data points. This solution allowed the client to automate the analysis of a significant number of topics. Additionally, Apogee worked with the client’s offshore review team to develop processes and workflows that allowed them to leverage the analytic results to decrease the cycle time and obtain increased efficiencies for topics that required further manual evaluation or confirmation.

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