Contract AI Solutions

A Better Way

In addition to our pre-built products in the Apogee Analytic Pack™ series, our Contract AI solutions offer a better way to conduct time-consuming manual contract reviews for regulatory inquiries, internal compliance initiatives and business process challenges. Manual contract reviews typically produce static summaries of existing contracts, requiring manual re-review as project requirements change. By contrast, Contract AI offers a dynamic analysis that continuously learns and updates relevant information on a go-forward basis, dramatically reducing the amount of manual labor, resulting in material cost reduction.

Dynamic Identification, Analysis & Extraction

Contract AI applies analytics and machine learning, coupled with our process and substantive expertise, to the identification, analysis and extraction of key contractual clauses. Clients enjoy quick assessments and real-time monitoring of consistency, risks and trends across a large volume of contracts.

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Custom Analytics

Our custom analytics allow clients to dynamically and quickly expand the contract universe, efficiently extracting information from additional contract clauses – all without the need for a full, manual re-review.  As a result, Apogee can perform a complete analysis of a complex contract in half the time of a traditional manual review, while also increasing the degree of accuracy and range of topics for analysis.