Managed Services

Apogee’s Managed Services deliver cost-efficient, customizable, and ongoing solutions to streamline contract formation, execution, storage, and information management.

Apogee tailors its Managed Services to fit a wide range of client needs – from designing and managing a client’s entire contract management process, to providing targeted solutions for specific processes within an existing contracting framework.

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Maximize Efficiencies, Increase Visibility & Improve Processes

Regardless of scope, Apogee’s Managed Services deliver value by maximizing efficiencies, reducing cycle time, increasing client visibility into their contract corpus, and continuously improving processes. We reduce the day-to-day contract management burden on corporate legal and sourcing departments, allowing client resources to focus on high-level, strategic corporate initiatives.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Optimizing existing client workflows 

  • Acting as a flexible extension of our client’s in-house team by providing experienced personnel to supplement their existing internal workforce 

  • Drafting and assembling a wide variety of standard client documentation, including Statements of Work, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Purchase Orders 

  • Managing documentation through client workflows and approval processes in a variety of client-hosted CLM platforms 

  • Increasing visibility and transparency into the contract population by providing customized reporting and metrics 

  • Standardizing, documenting and automating existing or new client processes 

  • Continually assessing ongoing processes and workflows to eliminate inefficiencies