GDPR Readiness and Compliance

In this webinar, we discuss the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and enterprise contract compliance. We also introduce you to GDPR Insight™, the legal and sourcing industry’s most advanced readiness and compliance package for analyzing data protection issues in enterprise contracts.

Built by Apogee on the Seal Software platform, GDPR Insight combines the best of artificial intelligence for contracts with Apogee’s deep understanding of the business, compliance, and regulatory needs associated with GDPR.

During the webinar, we share:

  • The unique set of challenges the GDPR presents in enterprise contracts
  • Key topics and reporting to consider in your GDPR compliance preparations, including direct GDPR requirements and indirect GDPR implications
  • How Seal Software and Apogee’s GDPR Insight analytics can give you immediate “insight” into the critical GDPR issues in your contracts
  • How GDPR Insight can deliver in minutes a first level contract analysis that would otherwise take an army of reviewers weeks to complete

GDPR Insight is a rational and efficient technology-based approach for any enterprise to ‘hit the ground running’ in their GDPR contract analysis.

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