Apogee Legal Releases Comprehensive M&A Diligence Solution

Analytics and automation leaders tackle M&A market

NEW YORK, April 28, 2016 – Apogee Legal today announced the release of the legal industry’s most comprehensive automated solution for legal diligence in the context of mergers and acquisitions.

“We are extremely excited to announce the release of M&A2, our analytics and automation solution for legal diligence,” said Jim Wagner, Managing Director of Apogee. “By harnessing our M&A2 system, M&A participants can quickly assess their contracts and gain insight not only into fundamental transaction issues, such as change of control, assignment rights and restrictive covenants, but they also can gain an unprecedented level of insight into risk, compliance and pricing matters.”

Over the past decade, the M&A process has shifted dramatically, increasing the level of investment required of both buyers and sellers before there is any certainty of a transaction closing. In almost every auction process, prospective buyers are expected to conduct an extensive level of diligence before an exclusive letter of intent is executed. Likewise, today’s sellers are required to invest in the disclosure process to an unparalleled level, including analyzing corporate records and assembling quality of earnings reports before the sale process is initiated. 

The Apogee M&A2 solution is designed to achieve the unique feat of increasing the amount of meaningful information available to M&A participants, while substantially decreasing the cost and timeline of the overall process. The Apogee M&A2 process is highly automated and extremely scalable, leveraging next generation analytics and predictive coding capabilities with the Apogee team’s deep experience in the M&A process. 

“We have been involved in the execution of some of the world’s most complex M&A transactions, spinoffs and divestitures,” said Beth Anisman, a principal at Bortstein Legal Group (BLG) and a co-founder of Apogee. “We have seen first-hand the budgets, timelines and related challenges associated with analyzing corporate contracts for even the most basic transaction issues. With the introduction of M&A2, Apogee will redefine what can be achieved in a diligence process, including providing necessary insights into compliance and risk issues, as well as the cost and timeline for doing so.”

M&A2 is an Apogee Analytics Packtm, one of a growing number of highly customized and portable analytics sets designed by Apogee to identify critical contractual information for a variety of recurring and sophisticated use cases. In addition to M&A2, Apogee announced the release of its vendor contracts compliance (VCC) pack for regulated businesses in November 2015.

Apogee selected enterprise contracts discovery and analytics leader, Seal Software 4.1 (http://www.seal-software.com), as the platform for the introduction of the M&A2 package. Apogee also released its initial VCC pack in Seal. Apogee selected Seal Software because of its scalability and flexibility, enabling Apogee to quickly create and constantly improve its custom analytics sets for corporate contracts. Seal Software also contains a powerful network crawling feature, enabling M&A participants an unrivaled ability to find and organize critical records, both prior to and following transactions. 

“Seal is very pleased to be selected, again, by Apogee Legal for the introduction of their M&A2 package,” said Ulf Zetterberg, CEO of Seal Software. “Seal is the benchmark for enterprise contract analysis, and offerings like Apogee’s M&A2 demonstrate not only the power and flexibility of our platform, but also the quality and value of our partner channel.”

The M&A2 package is immediately available to Apogee customers as part of Apogee’s technology-enabled professional services offerings.

About Apogee Legal

Apogee Legal is the leader in legal analytics and automation. A technology-enabled professional services organization delivering automation, process standardization and analytics to the legal, regulatory and compliance communities, Apogee Legal was formed by Steve Harber, Jim Wagner, Matt Miller and the principals of Bortstein Legal Group, Larry Bortstein and Beth Anisman. Apogee Legal is committed to eliminating waste in the business of law.

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