Enlightened Lawyers Join Technology and Process Leaders to Form Apogee Legal™

Steve Harber, Jim Wagner and Bortstein Legal Group Principals Announce Venture to Deliver Technology-enabled Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Solutions

New York, New York – July 8, 2015 – Legal industry veterans, Steve Harber and Jim Wagner, and the principals of Bortstein Legal Group (BLG), Beth Anisman and Larry Bortstein, today announced the formation of Apogee Legal™ LLC. Apogee Legal is a technology-enabled professional services organization delivering automation, process standardization and analytics to the legal, regulatory and compliance communities.

“We could not be more excited to form Apogee Legal with Beth Anisman and Larry Bortstein,” said Wagner. “Beth and Larry are two of the most respected and successful attorneys in the financial services community, and two professionals with whom we have had the good fortune to work for nearly a decade. We believe that with their unique understanding of the needs of enterprise legal clients and their specific expertise in the financial services community, they will be the perfect partners in creating our technology-enabled legal solutions platform.”

“Forming an alternative solutions organization to serve our clients has been a priority for Beth and me,” said Bortstein. “Steve Harber and Jim Wagner have a tremendous track record in the legal vertical, and are known well, not just to the BLG team, but by many of our clients.   Their experience servicing the enterprise legal community, and their ability to see through the clutter in the business of law — to simplify, to scale and to automate, makes them the perfect partners for this business.”

The 2015 spend in the U.S. legal industry will exceed $300 billion. Despite the advent of alternative billing structures, as well as the arrival of a slew of “virtual law firms” and legal process outsources offering “labor arbitrage” models, little has been done to address the fundamental issues driving the cost of legal services, namely the lack of technology and consistent processes.

“Having been responsible for the operation of the legal departments of two of the world’s largest financial services firms, I know firsthand the pressures that global businesses are under to both lower costs and to appropriately manage risks,” said Anisman. “With our formation of Apogee Legal, we have created the perfect vehicle for delivering enterprise-class services, but most importantly for leveraging process and automation to an unprecedented level.”

“Throughout our careers, we have been known for introducing automation to the legal profession,” said Harber. “The need for innovation, and for the elimination of waste, in the business of law is greater than it’s ever been. Apogee Legal’s mission is to address the root issues driving wasteful spend in the legal industry in a sustainable fashion that benefits both lawyers and businesses.”

About the founders of Apogee Legal

Steve Harber and Jim Wagner are serial entrepreneurs and C-level executives in the legal vertical. They have been responsible for the startup and the operation of companies that have executed dozens of acquisitions, combinations and recapitalizations representing hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value. In 2014, Steve and Jim formed Lean Law Ventures, their investment firm for the legal industry. Lean Law Ventures’ mission is simple – seeking and investing in better solutions for the legal community.

Bortstein Legal Group (BLG) is the brainchild of Larry Bortstein, former Global Head of Technology Law for Lehman Brothers, and Beth Anisman, formerly CAO of the legal and compliance function at Lehman Brothers and COO of Barclays’ US legal operations. BLG is positioned in the market as “outside counsel with an inside perspective.”   BLG focuses its legal expertise primarily in business operations (IT, software, global outsourcing, etc.) and services a “who’s who” of clients in the financial services community.

Steven R. Harber
email: info@apogeelegal.com
phone: (646) 779-7510