Our products include highly specialized and portable analytics sets (Apogee Analytic Pack™) designed to identify critical contractual information for a variety of recurring and sophisticated use cases.

As the leader in the application of artificial intelligence, Apogee continues to redefine contract analysis – providing transparent and dynamic insight into critical contract provisions for substantially less cost than a traditional manual review. Each Apogee Analytic Pack™ license includes pre-built analytics that solve specific problems so that clients do not need to build custom solutions from scratch.

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An Apogee Analytic Pack™ license includes:

Comprehensive Analytics Set
Easy to install on the Seal platform, tested in most strenuous environments against tens of thousands of contracts

Logical Automation
Scripts that translate analytic results to business answers

Standardized Reporting Templates
Recommended reports for the most common queries and use cases

User Guide
Know what to expect from each analytic

User Views and Queries
Recommended “playbooks” (views, queries, etc.) for the most common use cases Regular Updates Additional analytics to correspond to evolving business and regulatory requirements

Representative engagements include:

  • ISDAs and other qualified financial contracts (QFCs) for regulatory and business operations purposes 

  • Supplier agreements for regulatory, compliance and business operations purposes 

  • Complex customer agreements for business operations and legal risk purposes 

  • Software licenses for a range of topics including movement of licenses from “desktop” 
to “cloud” 

  • Customer, supplier, real estate and strategic agreements in connection with M&A 

  • Complex NDA topics in the context of M&A and strategic transactions 

  • Complex finance agreements (senior credit facilities, CMBS pools, etc.),  

  • Multiple contract types for data privacy and cyber security issues