GDPR Insight™

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed by the EU Parliament in April 2016 and effective May 2018, is the most significant development in data privacy and protection that Europe has seen over the past twenty years. Businesses subject to the GDPR face an unprecedented level of regulatory requirements, and potential fines, both for themselves and for their third-party contractors. 

While the GDPR speaks to a challenging array of information security and data privacy requirements, the legal implications also are far reaching. To be GDPR “compliant,” a business must ensure that its contracts address a short series of specific requirements (e.g., data transfer restrictions and notice obligations in the event of data breach); however, to be “GDPR ready” a business must significantly expand its insights into its contracts.

GDPR Insight™ is Apogee’s comprehensive answer for GDPR agreement compliance.  Built by Apogee on the Seal Software contract analysis platform, GDPR Insight combines the best of artificial intelligence for contracts with Apogee’s deep understanding of the business, compliance and regulatory needs associated with the GDPR. GDPR Insight delivers an unprecedented level of insight and automation into the GDPR compliance regulations.

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