QFC Insight™ 

Large financial institutions face increasing pressure to evaluate and disseminate in real time key data points associated with their qualified financial contracts (QFCs).  SR 14-1 requires daily recording of critical information across a variety of document types and transactions, as well as across a range of financial and risk-related topics.  Given the scope and complexity of the data points required, maintaining this information on a recurring and real-time basis using traditional manual solutions is not only expensive and cumbersome (with tracking costs for most organizations measured in the millions annually), but is largely unworkable.

The QFC Insight™ is Apogee’s comprehensive answer for the regulatory requirements surrounding QFC contract analysis. Built by Apogee on the Seal Software contract analysis platform, QFC Insight combines the best of artificial intelligence with Apogee’s deep understanding of the financial services industry’s compliance and regulatory needs. QFC Insight delivers an unprecedented level of insight and automation into a wide variety of QFCs.

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